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  • Glass

Explore our glass options and see what's right for your needs: either for better sound insulation or your home protection
to burglary attempts, or to limit heat loss or overheating, or just to give more elegance to the chosen joinery.

The standard glass used for Helios products is "Low emissivity" glass with Argon between 2 or 3 sheets of glass with the possibility of instaling the warm edge rod.

The maximum thickness of a glass package is 48 mm.

Thermal insulation

LowE: Glass with a layer of metallic oxides on the surface of the float glass that increases thermal insulation.
4Seasons: LowE glass with additional pellicle that reduces UV rays and the greenhouse effect.


Security: Glass subjected to a thermal process that makes it 5 times more resistant than a normal glass.   
Anti-burglary: Glass made by joining several sheets of glass with elastic pellicle layers.


Clear float glass: Glass with natural and transparent surface, with thicknesses of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm.
Decorative: It can be mate, frosted or satin and it can be customized with the desired pattern.
Fully colored: Transparent glass, colored in different tones and shades.
Reflective Bronze: Colorful glass with reflective pellicle and the aspect of a brown-colored mirror.
Painted: A wide range of colors and shades to create exactly the desired atmosphere.

Hashiri white

Delta mat white

Krizet white

DSG 12